Uniting the Global TAEKWONDO Families For A Brighter Future

Taekwondo Alliance for Mission Foundation

Practiced in over 200 countries, Taekwondo is the world’s most popular system of martial arts today. The global Taekwondo family is big and strong enough to change the world.

TAM Foundation is calling out all Taekwondo masters, instructors, students, and their families to uphold the true spirit of Taekwondo, and work together to build a brighter future for our children, especially living in poverty.

TAM Foundation provides opportunities for any Taekwondo practioner who is willing to help another one in need. TAM Foundation can also kick-start a turn-key Taekwondo program at your church, school, or in community centers.

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You are a Taekwondo instructor who wants to build a new school in a third world country, or being sent-off as a missionary.


TAM Foundation is proud to be working with the most trust-worthy and accountable non-profit organizations around the world. These organizations are fully committed to their mission to develop strong and ethical leaders of the future.


To drive a holistic transformation of lives through thriving Taekwondo programs in all corners of the world


Help communities overcome poverty and injustice by using the resources provided by the global Taekwondo families.


Inspire Taekwondo practitioners to reach out to the poor and neglected, and school owners to run socially responsible businesses.


Establish Taekwondo centers that provide relevant and helpful programs for community development.


Unite and create a global network Taekwondo instructors who are committed to missions.


TAM Foundation is helping organizations around the world to bring Taekwondo programs to their community. Our focus is on ensuring the success of YOUR organization by hosting powerful Taekwondo programs.

If you are a Taekwondo instructor who wants to build a new school in a third world country, or being sent-off as a missionary, TAM Foundation can also help with our wealth of knowledge in Taekwondo, business, and spiritual training.

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Do you have a project we can help to expand? Are you a Taekwondo instructor wanting to start a school in a developing region? We can help!



We would like to know how we can help you expand your program. Please contact us if you can help us help Taekwondo programs near and far from us.

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